Conf: Problems in Terminological Work Workshop, Sept-Oct 2014, Spanish edition, Barcelone

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Problems in Terminological Work Workshop (Sept-Oct 2014, Spanish edition) 

The objective of this workshop is to establish and develop skills for
detecting those problems which arise when preparing a terminological
project and for applying the most effective solutions.

Attending to the different habitual phenomena and activities in the
various phases of the terminological project process, this objective is
laid out in the following skills:

- Accurately defining the terms found and discerning the terminological
  units of categories other than nouns.

- Detecting those terminological units that are equivalent to each other
  and treating them in a manner that is suitable to the type of project.

- Preparing suitable definitions with the requirements established and
  distinguishing inaccurate or inadequate definitions.

- Tackling the different instances of possible terminological novelties,
  including the creation of neologisms, based on solid criteria.

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