Firefly Lore

XocoyoCopitzin at XocoyoCopitzin at
Wed Jan 19 23:31:03 UTC 2000

If it helps spark anyone's memory or interest on the subject of glowing
firefly-souls, I did eventually find a line drawing on Thomas Frederiksen's
Aztec Resource Center site of

"OMETECUHTLI - The creator God shown placing the fire butterfly, or soul,
into a skull. Black and white line
drawing from the codex Fejervary-Mayar."

I am not familiar with this codex -- is anyone here?  It most definitely
looks like a butterfly rather than firefly beetle because of the curly
"tongue" and "antennae", but it doesn't have very butterfly-like wings in
compare to nature or the Toltec-style butterfly shape.


Alison King

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