Jean Charlot Web Site

R. Joe Campbell campbel at
Mon Jan 31 03:46:28 UTC 2000

   I had promised a friend to send a note to y'all about the Jean Charlot
Web Site and I just (hurriedly) saw that Fran's note on a puppet play
refers to the same site.  Just let me add my enthusiastic reaction to
exploration of the site.  I plan to spend some very fruitful hours there
-- and those hours will make my next trip to Mexico more enjoyable, both
from re-seeing paintings by Jean Charlot (and other painters) [this time
with more perspective] and from locating ones that my ignorance has led me
away from in the past.

   Please forgive if this is 100% redundant:

   I will be away from e-mail for the next several days, but I'll be back
to Nahuat-l within a week.

Best regards,


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