(parsers (was: Re: Language families)

P. Kurtboke pkurtboke at mail.hotkey.net.au
Thu Jun 8 10:16:10 UTC 2000

At 10:14 AM 6/8/00 GMT, you wrote:
>  J. F. Schwaller reminded us that Basque etc is off-topic for this group.

Anthony, my message was not about that. I was simply hesitant to change the
subject line and thought long about it before posting my message.
>I have written a parser / auto-translater program for an agglutinating
>language - for the invented Star Trek Klingon language, which is more
>than natural languages tend to be. I wrote it individually for that
>in Gnu C++ for DOS, not using any programmable parser format like YACC or
>I could try to adapt it for Nahuatl (and Windows) if I had to, but coping
>spelling rule variations and the results of assimilations etc at morpheme
>junctions would add complications.
You're welcome to try it on my corpus of 1000 Turkish texts.


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