numbers of Nahuatl speakers?

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Wed May 9 21:04:33 UTC 2001

I know only the data of the 1995 census (1,623,993 speakers of Nahuatl); for
the whole table of the different indigenous languages see

Stephanie Wood schrieb:

> Does anyone have information from the 2000 Mexican census about the numbers
> of indigenous language speakers?  Linda King published a table showing
> 1,197,328 speakers of Nahuatl in Mexico according to the 1990 census.  Her
> table shows the numbers of speakers of other native languages, too, such as
> Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, etc.  This was published this in her book, Roots of
> Identity: Language & Literacy in Mexico (1994, p. 88).  This is a great
> table, but I would love to have more recent figures, as soon as they are
> available.  Thanks for any help anyone can lend!
> Stephanie Wood
> Department of History
> University of Oregon
> swood at

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