numbers of Nahuatl speakers?

Stephanie Wood swood at
Wed May 9 19:37:50 UTC 2001

Does anyone have information from the 2000 Mexican census about the numbers
of indigenous language speakers?  Linda King published a table showing
1,197,328 speakers of Nahuatl in Mexico according to the 1990 census.  Her
table shows the numbers of speakers of other native languages, too, such as
Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, etc.  This was published this in her book, Roots of
Identity: Language & Literacy in Mexico (1994, p. 88).  This is a great
table, but I would love to have more recent figures, as soon as they are
available.  Thanks for any help anyone can lend!

Stephanie Wood
Department of History
University of Oregon
swood at

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