Molina et al.

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As long as we are praising R. Joe Campbell, I have found his _A
Morphological Dictionary of Classical Nahuatl: A Morpheme Index to
the Vocabulario en lengua mexicana y castellana of Fray Alonso de
Molina_ (Madison:  Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1985) to be
extremely valuable and easy to navigate.

 >There was no experience in school more enjoyable than plowing through
 >Molina with Joe.
 >Now, he did a Carochi dictionary if you're biting at the bit. Am I right
 >about that? University of Wisconsin Press, I believe.
 >BTW, is Thelma Sullivan's _Compendio de la Grammatica Nahuatl_ in print
 >either in english or in spanish?  It's a great book for all the classical
 >texts at the end that give examples of the grammar.
 >Michael McCafferty

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