Molina et al.

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Wed May 9 18:08:13 UTC 2001

on 5/9/01 12:07 PM, Michael Mccafferty at mmccaffe at wrote:
 > There was no experience in school more enjoyable than plowing through
 > Molina with Joe.
 > Now, he did a Carochi dictionary if you're biting at the bit. Am I right
 > about that? University of Wisconsin Press, I believe.
 > BTW, is Thelma Sullivan's _Compendio de la Grammatica Nahuatl_ in print
 > either in english or in spanish? It's a great book for all the classical
 > texts at the end that give examples of the grammar.
 > Michael McCafferty
I think at least the English edition of the Compendio is still in print
(Univ. of Utah), and should note that the principal function I had as a
coeditor of the translation was to check the Nahuatl examples with the
original sources, since Thelma at times had not been entirely consistent,
sometimes regularizing and sometimes not, so the examples in the English
edition are more true to the originals (and any errors would be mine after
that). Also a note for those interested that her decision about the English
version was that vowel length should be marked only in the section on
phonology, and in other sections only in examples in which it was marked
originally, for instance, those from Carochi, given the fact that sometimes
there just wasn't any source to verify what it should be. Glottal stops were
marked in the grammar, but not in examples unless present in originals. We
tried to finish the editing after her death by following her wishes as much
as possible

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