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Frances Karttunen karttu at
Wed May 16 22:04:27 UTC 2001

> (c) how or if the
> circumflex on some of the vowels changes the pronunciation of that vowel
> or accentuation of the word, e.g. â, î, ê

The circumflex indicates that the vowel is sharply cut off by closing of the
glottis.  It does not shift the stress away from the next-to-last syllable.

> (d) what is the effect on
> pronunciation/stress of the final grave e (Mariaè, Inantzinè), which
> looks like a vocative. I understand that stress is on the second to the
> last syllable in nahuatl, though I am not aware if there are any
> exceptions.

The exception is in the male vocative, which adds the stressed vowel -e to
names and appellations.  In the form of the Ave Maria quoted, it is a man
praying for the intercession of the Virgin.  A woman speaking the same
prayer would not add the stressed -e.  Hence the stress would fall as
normally on the next-to-last syllable.

Fran Karttunen

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