homosexualidad y lesbianismo

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On the note of sodomy, you should check out Mark Jordan, who writes about
Peter Damian and authoritative texts in the Medieval Church.

Also, were there transgendered (I use the term loosely) Aztecs that
fulfilled a social role, as we find the North American Southwest?

ixquich in pepetlaca xteocuitla

On Tue, 22 May 2001, Rudiger V. Busto wrote:

> Ernesto, you must be careful about your use of the terms "homosexual"
> and "lesbian" -- these are modern day terms/labels that refer to
> identities created under specific historical and sociological
> conditions. These terms must also be distinct from same sex physical
> interactions, some of which are only considered "homosexual" in the
> North Atlantic world (for example, grown men holding hands in public).
> Thus it is problematic to "import" modern day identities back into
> history unless there is good evidence to do so. Be aware that some
> of what looks like "homosexuality" in the Spanish chronicles is
> filtered through the worldviews of Europeans and not necessarily
> reflective of indigenous worldview. In addition, one must take care
> to not assume that words like "sodomy" mean the same thing in the
> 16th Century as they do today.
>  >
>  >
>  >Also, does anyone on the list know the Nahuatl
>  >terms for homosexual and lesbian? What Nahuatl
>  >terms were used by the Aztecs to denote the
>  >practices?
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