"La Ley Azteca" - Re: homosexualidad y lesbianismo

Mark David Morris mdmorris at indiana.edu
Thu May 24 02:46:01 UTC 2001

List People,

Conditionally, I have no problem with the Voz de Aztlan posting to this
list, especially for the purpose of gaining accurate information about
important social issues; however, the attitude expressed in the
organization's last posting and the organization's overall tone toward
promoting ethnic cohesion by attacking other minorities is a very serious
concern.  By all means, however, the exchanges between Mexicayotl and
Aztlan need to cease now on this list.  We have all worked hard over the
years to keep this a list of academic exchange on the Nahuatl language and
Nahua culture.  Please respect that ethic.

Mark Morris


La muerte tiene permiso a todo

MDM, PhD Candidate
Dept. of History, Indiana Univ.

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