"La Ley Azteca" - Re: homosexualidad y lesbianismo

micc micc at home.com
Thu May 24 15:58:25 UTC 2001

Dear Mark,

I agree.  In the past years i and others have been attacked on this list by
people with political agendas that try to use the academic study of Nahuatl to
further their causes.

Over the past 2 years that I have been a member, Yaoqchtli at something,
tezkatlipokasomething@????,  and others come to mind.

But as the song says:  "I am still standing..."

thanks you,

mario e. aguilar

Mark David Morris wrote:

> List People,
> Conditionally, I have no problem with the Voz de Aztlan posting to this
> list, especially for the purpose of gaining accurate information about
> important social issues; however, the attitude expressed in the
> organization's last posting and the organization's overall tone toward
> promoting ethnic cohesion by attacking other minorities is a very serious
> concern.  By all means, however, the exchanges between Mexicayotl and
> Aztlan need to cease now on this list.  We have all worked hard over the
> years to keep this a list of academic exchange on the Nahuatl language and
> Nahua culture.  Please respect that ethic.
> best,
> Mark Morris
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> La muerte tiene permiso a todo
> MDM, PhD Candidate
> Dept. of History, Indiana Univ.

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