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La Voz de Aztlan LaVoz at Aztlan.Net
Thu May 24 17:44:32 UTC 2001

Estimado Sr. Anthony Appleyard:

Thank you for your level-headed commentary
on the little problem that arose when La
Voz de Aztlan made an inquiry to the list.

We would like to start all over again, now
that everyone agrees that what we have
published on our website should not matter
when we make inquiries to this list on
Nahuatl and other aspects of the Aztec culture.

La Voz de Aztlan is interested in this list
because we are promoting the teaching of
Nahuatl in some of our public schools in
Los Angeles County. Some of our schools are
getting immigrant children who's primary
language is Nahuatl. We believe that teachers
assigned to educate these kids should at least
have a rudimentary knowledge of Nahuatl.

We perceive that there is a lot of brain power
on the list otherwise we would not be wasting
our time. We are interesting is creating a
software program that can translate Nahuatl
into English and Spanish. We have organized
what we have called "The Nahuatl Project" and
are participating in this list in order to
advance the project.

There has, however, been commentary on this
list to the affect that our ancient indigenous
ancestors were cannibals. We agree that in order
to have a deep understanding of a language, we
must also have intimate knowledge of the culture
that engendered it. There are many false myths
floating around about the Aztecs, specially among
some Chicanos in Aztlan that are in the process
of finding their true identity. There has been
some meddling in this process by outsiders that
have a political agenda. That is the reason we
made the inquiry on "La Ley Azteca".

>>From now on we hope to focus primarily on
Nahuatl and will attempt to abstain from
bringing forth controversial issues.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan


On Thu, 24 May 2001 08:36:09 GMT
"Anthony Appleyard" <mclssaa2 at fs2.mt.umist.ac.uk> wrote:

>   Various people wrote:-
> > The reason I brought this up is the fact that if you "disagree" with
> > this type of rabid, angry and hateful ideology, therefor you must be
> > "one of them" ...
> (1) I see nothing wrong with someone being pro-Zionist. (I am Christian.)
> (2) Haven't some people hear of the rights of neutrals to be left out of other
> people's quarrels?
> (3) The status of non-standard sex in Aztec society is one thing; the rights
> and wrongs of doing it as it is now, is very off-topic here.
> > The "protocols" are published for information and discussion only.
> > Many of us Mexicans are not familiar with them. Is it against the law to
> > publish them?
> The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are an old well-known notorious forgery.
> There is no need to confuse people by publishing them as a true document, as
> they are not true information. Anyway, the rights and wrongs of such things as
> they mention, are off-topic here.
> > What does this have to do with Nahuatl?
> Ditto.
> > ... La Voz de Aztlan is a bilingual news service and our subscribers are
> > mostly Mexicans in the southwest U.S. and in Mexico. ...
> I looked at http: // www.aztlan.net , and it said that they have no radio or
> TV transmission now. I couldn't find any Nahuatl matter on their web site.

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