"La Ley Azteca"

Anthony Appleyard mclssaa2 at fs2.mt.umist.ac.uk
Thu May 24 08:36:09 UTC 2001

  Various people wrote:-

> The reason I brought this up is the fact that if you "disagree" with
> this type of rabid, angry and hateful ideology, therefor you must be
> "one of them" ...

(1) I see nothing wrong with someone being pro-Zionist. (I am Christian.)
(2) Haven't some people hear of the rights of neutrals to be left out of other
people's quarrels?
(3) The status of non-standard sex in Aztec society is one thing; the rights
and wrongs of doing it as it is now, is very off-topic here.

> The "protocols" are published for information and discussion only.
> Many of us Mexicans are not familiar with them. Is it against the law to
> publish them?

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are an old well-known notorious forgery.
There is no need to confuse people by publishing them as a true document, as
they are not true information. Anyway, the rights and wrongs of such things as
they mention, are off-topic here.

> What does this have to do with Nahuatl?


> ... La Voz de Aztlan is a bilingual news service and our subscribers are
> mostly Mexicans in the southwest U.S. and in Mexico. ...

I looked at http: // www.aztlan.net , and it said that they have no radio or
TV transmission now. I couldn't find any Nahuatl matter on their web site.

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