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>Subject: Me: Art exhibit offers a new reconstruction of Tenochtitlan
>For your information,
>"1519: The Wonders of Aztec Mexico. Paintings and models by Scott
>and Stuart Gentling and Aztec Art from their Collection." The
>debut of this exhibition will open in Lubbock, TX at the Buddy
>Holly Fine Arts Center from 22 September 2003 to 22 November 2003.
>A symposium will be held on 30 Oct 2003 in Lubbock.
>These twin brother-artists have spent nearly 30 years researching
>archeology and ethnohistory to be able to create a new
>reconstruction of the Sacred Precinct that incorporates all 78
>buildings mentioned by Sahagun.  Their plan is unique in allowing
>all the events of the Aztec monthly festivals, as described in
>the 16th century, to be logically staged in the appropriate
>shrines and platforms. They have realized this through the fire
>of their own fascination, fueled by their consummate skill in
>model building and painting. Both are informed, also, by their
>profound understanding of Aztec religion, founded in scholarly
>research, and of the formal qualities of Aztec art, of which they
>have collected over 100 pieces.
>They have already conferred with archaeologists at the Templo
>Mayor Project and with numerous Aztec scholars. This exhibition
>in Lubbock will display the current, well-informed stage of their
>thinking about Tenochtitlan. The Gentling brothers  seek
>additional feedback from scholars as they aim to complete a
>two-volume book and a traveling exhibition. I encourage all those
>interested in the Aztecs, Mesoamerican art and religion, and
>Mesoamerican city planning to attend the symposium and ensuing
>discussion and to see this remarkable body of work.
>The show includes 20 paintings, about 15 models of specific
>temples and the entire Sacred Precinct, numerous drawings, and
>about 90 Aztec objects. It is curated by Carolyn Tate.
>For more information, contact c.tate at ttu.edu
>Carolyn Tate
>Associate Professor, Art History,
>School of Art, Box 42081,Texas Tech University
>Lubbock, TX 79409-2081

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