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I can't vouch for this, however, I thought I'd bring it to the attention of
those interested in the possibility of hearing nahuatl spoken. I noticed
very recently a book being sold in the zocalo in Mexico City called,
"!Ma'titla'tocan Nahualla'tolli! !Hablemos Nahuatl!". It has a series of
dialogs in it and is accompanied by two audio cassettes which are the spoken
version of the written dialogs.

The teacher is Jose Concepcion Flores (Xochime') with the assistance of
Esperanza Meneses Minor. The book and the cassette are in Spanish and

That's all the info I have, so I cannot say how good it is. Perhaps someone
else has checked out this resource and can comment on it.


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>To: nahuat-l at
>Subject: Re: Star Traveller
>Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 07:44:20 -0000
>On 13 Jan 2003, at 12:05, Chi:chi:ltic Coyo:tl wrote:
> > I recently came across this word for astronaut:
> > Literally it translates "Stars Metal Boat Passenger".
> > Ci:ci:tlaltin - Stars
> > Tepoztli - Metal
> > A:calli - Boat (sea canoe)
> > Panoni - Boat Passenger
>Or for day-to-day practical use shorten it to Ci:tlalpanoni?

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