On Taking a Nahuatl Name

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Thu Jan 16 18:12:27 UTC 2003

Subject: On Taking a Nahuatl Name

Last year I legally changed my name to the Nahuatl name of “Citlalin
Xochime.”  Recently, it was pointed out to me that my name should
be “Citlalxochimeh,” and I wholeheartedly agree with this
grammatical “correction factor.”  However, I live in the United States
where a last or “surname” is required unless you are somebody
like “Madonna” or “Sting.”  One cannot function in American society
without possessing a “last name.”

In any event, I could have selected “Citlalxochimeh” as both a “first”
and “last” name, however this seemed just plain silly to me, hence my
selection for the Nahuatl name of “Citlalin Xochime.”  As far as dropping
the “h” near the end of “xochimeh,” well, that is just the result of the
little rebel inside of me that wishes not to conform completely to “the

Well, I do not wish to appear to be an ego miser here, but I did make the
local news about taking on a Nahuatl name (if anyone is interested):


Also, if anyone else is interested in taking on a Nahuatl name, I
encourage you to do so.  I don’t like being the only one (female) with a
Nahuatl name, and I’ve gone to great lengths to produce and to make
available online a “free” name change kit.  The kit includes all documents
(a $30) value to file a “Name Change” petition in the United States.  One
may access my Name Change kit at:


My regards,

Citlalin Xochime

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