Newbie questions.

Alexander Wallace awallace at
Thu Jan 16 19:32:52 UTC 2003

I want to ask experts and non experts here what their thoughts are about what
dialect of nahuatl one should learn given that:

-I'm mexican, spanish is my first language (for 30 years)
-I'm a fluent english speaker. (7 years)
-I just want to learn for no reason, so i don't really have a preference for a
dialect in particular.

I would like to learn Classical Nahuatl, but, is that possible? (Is there
enough material to learn and carry on a conversation with anotherone who
learns the same?)

If one learns a dialect, which would be the closest to clasical nahuatl? Which
one would be the one spoken by more people?

If one learns classical or any other dialect of nahuatl, would it be possible
to comunicate with someone that speaks another dialect?

Thankyou very much in advance.

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