Verbing 5a

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Mon Jan 27 23:32:58 UTC 2003

        Verbing 5a

   There is an '-oa' suffix that forms intransitive verbs from nouns,
meaning "to use or produce the base noun."

  a:matl         paper
  ahtlapalli     leaf, wing     a:mahtlapaloa     it forms leaves

  a:yacachtli    rattle         n-a:yacachtli     I "play" a rattle

  ayohtli        gourd
  tamalli        tamale         n-ayohtamaloa     I make gourd tamales

  camana:lli     jest (n.)      camana:loah       they jest

  capolin        cherry, berry  cacapoloa         it produces berries

  camatl         mouth
  challi         jaw            camachaloa        he opens his mouth

  caxitl         bowl           caxoz             she will use a bowl

  chihcha        saliva
  piya:ztli      tube           ni-chihchipiazoa  I spit a stream

  tlaxcalli      tortilla       tlacaloah         they make tortillas

  tamalli        tamale         tamaloa           she makes tamales

  maxalli        crotch, fork   maxaloa           it forms crotches (tree)

  ma:itl         hand
  tlaxcalli      tortilla       mamatlaxcaloa     it claps its hands
                                                  (referring to a butterfly
                                                  and using the metaphor of

  ma:itl         hand
  pilli          child
  mahpilli       finger         mahpiloah         they point

  pi:tztli       whistle (n.)   pi:tzoa           he whistles

  ma:itl         hand
  pi:tztli       whistle        mapi:tzoa         he whistles with his hand

  nacaztli       ear            ni-nacazoa        I listen

  ma:itl         hand
  tletl          fire
  quiquiztli     trumpet        matlequiquizoa    he fires a portable gun

  tepona:ztli    two-toned drum tepona:zozqueh    they will play a drum

  tianquiztli    marketplace    tianquizoa        he deals

  tlantli        tooth
  quiquiztli     trumpet        tlanquiquizoa     he whistles with his teeth

  tlacua:lli     food, meal     tlacualoah        they prepare food

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