Verbing 1

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        Verbing 1a and 1b

   The verbing suffixes (1a) "-ti" and (1b) "-ya" both mean 'become' and
they are intransitive.  They both take a "-lia" causative which is
identical in form to the benefactive suffix "-lia".  When the causative is
added to "-ya", the "-ya" is deleted.  "-ti" and "-ya" may both be added
together to a noun, always in that order, and usually spelled "-tia".


  a:cah          someone        a:cahti           he becomes someone
  a:huiani       harlot         a:huianiti        she becomes a harlot
  a:huilhue:hueh wicked old man a:huilhue:huehti  he becomes a "dirty old man"
  a:huitl        aunt           a:huitiz          she will be an aunt
  amante:catl    feather worker amante:cati       he becomes a feather worker
  ahtleh         nothing        n-ahtlehtiz       I will become nothing
  calpixqui      house steward  calpixcati*       he becomes a house steward
  caquiztli      sound          caquizti          it is heard
  cha:lchihuitl  green stone    cha:chihuitih     they become like green stones

  * -ca and -qui (in nouns of this sort) are in alternation; -qui appears
    in word-final position and -ca appears in "protected" position (i.e.,
    inside a word).

  cuahuitl       tree
  pilli          child
  cuappilli      young tree     cuappilti         it becomes a young tree
  cua:uhtli      eagle          ti-cua:uhti       you become an eagle warrior
  cui:cani       singer         cui:caniti        he becomes a singer
  hue:hueh       old man        hue:huehti        he becomes an old man
  huentli        offering       huentiz           it will become an offering
  icni:uhtli     friend         t-icni:uhtiz      you will become a friend

  icno:tl        orphan
  oquichtli      male, man
  icno:oquichtli widower        n-icno:oquichti   I become a widower
  itlah          something      itlahtiz          he will become something
  ilamatl        old woman      ilamatizqueh      they will become old women
  itzcuintli     dog            itzcuinti         she becomes furious
  machiztli      knowledge      machizti          it becomes known
  mahuiztli      wonder, awe    mahuizti          he is esteemed
  ma:lli         captive        ti-malti          you become a captive
  micca:huah     one who has a
                   dead person  miccahuahti       he is bereaved
  na:ntli        mother         na:ntiz           she will become a mother
  nelli          truth          nelti             it comes to pass
  no:ntli        mute person    no:ntiz           he will become speechless
  o:ce:lo:tl     ocelot         t-o:ce:lo:ti      you become an ocelot warrior
  omitl          bone           n-oomiti          I become thin
  oquichtli      male, man      oquichti          he becomes a warrior
  o:tztli        pregnant woman o:tzti            she becomes pregnant
  pipiyolin      wild bee       pipiyolti         he becomes like a wild bee
  quimichin      mouse          ni-quimichti      I become a mouse
  tahtli         father         ti-tahtiz         you will become a father
  teo:tl         god            teo:t             he became a god
  te:uctli       lord           ti-te:uctiz       you will rule
  teuhtli        dust           teuhti            it becomes dust
  tla:catl       person         tla:cati          she is born
  tla:cohtli     slave          tla:cohtiz        he will labor
  tla:lli        earth          tla:lti           it becomes earth
  tlahtli        uncle          tlahtizqueh       they will become uncles
  xi:cohtli      large bee      ti-xi:cohtli      you become a bee
  xo:coyo:tl     youngest sibling xo:coyo:tiz     he will be the youngest child
  xolopihtli     stupid person  ni-xolopihtiz     I will be stupid
  ya:o:tl        enemy          ya:o:tiz          he will battle
  zoquitl        mud            zoquiti           it becomes mud


  ce:tl          ice            cece:ya           it becomes cold
  iztatl         salt           iztaya            it turns white
  xocotl         st. sour, fruit xocoya           it sours
  hue:i          big            hue:(i)ya         it grows

 both -ti and -ya

  a:tl           water          a:tia             it melts
  cualli         good           cualtia           he is good
  cue:chtli      st. fine, tiny cue:chtia         it is pulverized
  etl            bean           etia              it becomes heavy
  i:tztli        obsidian       i:ztia            it becomes cold
  maza:tl        deer           maza:tiz          he will become a deer
  o:lli          rubber         o:ltia            it becomes resilient
  piya:ztli      tube           piya:ztia         it becomes slender
  pinolli        pinole         pinoltia          it becomes like pinole
  tepoztli       iron, copper   ni-tepoztia       I become hardened in evil

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