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MIXTEC LANGUAGE PROGRAM (dates, cost changes and new contact

Where: Oaxaca, Mexico through San Diego State University.
When: June 16-July 26, 2003
Description: San Diego State offers both an on-campus program and a
summer intensive program in Mixteco.Ý The on-campus program focuses on
the dialect of the Mixteca Baja, while the summer intensive offers
dialects from the Mixteca Baja and Alta.Ý One of the primary purposes of
this program is to provide training to students who will eventually work
in public health, education, criminal justice, public administration, or
other areas where there are unmet needs for Mixteco speakers. . Language
courses are taught by native Mixtec speakers from the faculty of the
Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en AntropologÌa Social
(CIESAS) in Oaxaca and from the Instituto TecnolÛgico de Oaxaca (ITO).
In addition to language instruction, students will visit Mixteco
speaking villages and attend lectures on Mixtec history and culture.
Cost: $2000 (approximate, does not include transportation or room and
Contact: Elizabeth S·enz-Ackerrmann, Center for Latin American Studies,
Storm Hall 146, San Diego State University
San Diego, California 92182-4446
  (619) 594-1104
email: esaenz at mail.sdsu.edu

KAQCHIKEL MAYA  (change includes new contact information only)

Where: Antigua (Guatemala) through Tulane University.
When:  June 23 ñ August 1
Description: The elementary course participation is limited to
approximately 10 non-Kaqchikels and 12 Kaqchikel Maya. The language
sessions are typically presented in the mornings and cultural activities
in the afternoons.  As part of the cultural activities, students are
expected to carry out a limited research project with a Kaqchikel
co-investigator. The course will begin in Antigua, Guatemala. Daily
instruction includes small and large group language learning with
Kaqchikel instructors. Course includes grammar analysis with
linguistics, and cultural orientations with guest speakers from
surrounding communities. The following courses will be offered during
the program. Students have the option of taking either language-only for
3 credits or the 6-credit option: Beginning Kaqchikel Maya (3);
Intermediate Kaqchikel Maya (3); Advanced Kaqchikel Maya (3); and
Introductory Kaqchikel Language & Culture (6 Credits).
Cost: $2,600 (three-credit option), $2,800 (six-credit option)
Application Deadline: March 28

Contact: Dr. Judith M. Maxwell, Department of Anthropology Tulane
University.  New Orleans, Louisiana 70118-5698 or
Deborah Ramil, Stone Center for Latin American Studies Summer Program
Coordination Office, Caroline Richardson Building, Tulane University.
email: dramill at tulane.edu, maxwell at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu or
walter.little at cwix.com
Application available at: http://www.tulane.edu/~maxwell/oxlajujapp.htm

BEGINNING AYMARA (change includes new information for FLAS aplicants)

Where: University of Chicago.
When: Summer Session 2003, June 23 ñ August 22
Description: The Center for Latin American Studies at the University of
Chicago announces a 9-week intensive beginner's course in Aymara for
Summer 2003. Course instructor Miguel Huanca uses a wide variety of
authentic cultural materials, including film, literature, and music,
along with his text Aymar Akhamawa and accompanying recorded dialogues.
Students acquire proficiency in formal language structures,
conversation, and reading and writing skills. The course is appropriate
for master's, doctoral and advanced undergraduate students,
particularly, though not exclusively, those in the fields of Andean
anthropology, history, and contemporary politics, as well as students
pursuing a concentration in linguistics. Classes meet 4 hours per day,
Monday through Friday, for nine weeks for a total of 180 contact hours,
the equivalent of a full-academic year program of intensive study.
Summer FLAS grants (Title VI) may be used for this course.
Registration deadline: May 30, 2003 (for non-University of Chicago
students). Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to
ensure enrollment and explore funding options.
Cost: Tuition: Estimated University of Chicago tuition for the
three-course sequence totals $5,450. (There will be a reduced summer
tuition rate to meet FLAS allowance.)
Contact: University of Chicago Center for Latin American Studies
University of Chicago, 5848 South University Ave., Kelly Hall 310
Chicago, IL 60637 Phone: (773) 702-8402
Email: clas at uchicago.edu
Summer Session Office University of Chicago
5835 S. Kimbark Avenue, Judd Hall Room 207
Chicago, IL 60637 Phone: (773) 702-6033
Website: www.grahamschool.uchicago.edu

INTENSIVE QUECHUA IN CUSCO, PERU  (price change for non-credit option)

Where: Escuela Andina de Postgrado, Cusco (Peru) through The University
of Michigan.
When:  July 3 ñ August 16.
Description: Three levels of intensive Southern Quechua will be taught:
Intensive Beginning Quechua, Intensive Intermediate Quechua, and
Intensive Advanced Quechua. Classes will meet intensively for eight
weeks. Enrollment will be limited to 15 for each of the five levels. The
program is open to all graduate and professional school students. A
series of lectures on Quechua culture and history and an extensive
program of excursions and cultural events will supplement the courses.
Students may choose to take the course for University of Michigan credit
by enrolling in the corresponding courses (LACS 471/472, 473/474, and
475/476), or may take the course without University credit by enrolling
directly through Escuela Andina de Postgrado. The same academic criteria
will apply to credit and non-credit students.
Costs: Costs are based on estimates.  Undergraduate: (Michigan resident)
$1840, (non-resident) $5450. Graduate: (Michigan resident) $2980,
(non-resident) $6025. Not-for-credit option: $1470. FLAS fellowships
available through Latin American and Caribbean Studies cover full
tuition plus a modest stipend; application due Feb. 1.
Deadline for applications: May 1, 2003

Contact: David Frye, Latin American and Caribbean Studies,
lacs at umich.edu
(734) 647-0844
Website: http://www.umich.edu/~iinet/lacs/
Organizers: Latin American and Caribbean Studies, University of Michigan
(in conjunction with the Escuela Andina de Postgrado, Centro BartolomÈ
de las Casas, Cusco, Peru.)

BEGINNING INTENSIVE GUARANÕ (can accommodate graduate students in

Where: AsunciÛn, Paraguay through the Summer Seminar Abroad for Spanish
Teachers program at Ohio State University
When: July 7-26, 2003
Description: This is a two-week intensive course in basic GuaranÌ
incorporated in the annual Summer Seminar Abroad for Spanish Teachers
program through Ohio State University. Program participants have the
option to enroll either in a graduate Spanish linguistics course on
Languages in Contactî or an intensive course in beginning GuaranÌ,
taught by native speakers at the language school Idipar. Program
participants will be lodged in hotels in AsunciÛn. Excursions around
AsunciÛn and the surrounding countryside will also be offered.
Cost: $1,899.00
Application Deadline: March 31, 2003

Contact Information: Terrell Morgan at Ohio State University, Department
of Spanish and Portuguese, 226 Cunz Hall, 1841 Millikin Road, Columbus,
OH 43210. (614) 292-9555.
Website: http://sppo.ohio-state.edu/faculty/morgan.3/ssat03.htm

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