Verbing #5

r. joe campbell campbel at
Mon Jan 27 05:00:41 UTC 2003

Verbing #5 has a "-huia" suffix.  It means 'to apply the base noun to the
indicated object.

(I note that I have been sloppy with vowel length marking, especially in
the prefixes [which I set off with hyphens], so I apologize de antemano.)


  a:cacuextli    weir          tla-a:cacuexhuia    he uses a weir

  a:calli        boat          nin[o]-a:calhuia    I boat for pleasure

  a:calli        boat          c-a:calhuia         they take him off in a boat

  ahmo:lli       soap plant    m[o]-ahmolhuia      they wash with soap

  ahhuatl        thorn         nech-ahhuahuia      it pricks me

  a:matl         paper         m[o]-a:mahuia       he is covered with paper

  amochitl       tin           nic-amochihuia      I add tin to it

  atlan          water place   quim-atlanhuia      he drowns them

  a:to:lli       atole         c-ato:lhuiah        they give him atole

  a:toya:tl      river         nech-a:toya:huiah   they throw me into the river

  a:xca:itl      possession    quimo-a:xca:huia    he makes it his possession

  a:xin          axin          c-axhuiah           they put axin in it

  a:xi:xtla:lli  urinated soil nic-a:xi:xtla:lhuia I put urinated soil on it

  cacahuatl      cacao         nino-cacahuahuia    I take cacao

  camana:lli     joke          nite-camana:lhuia   I kid around

  ca:ca:xtli     carrying frame qui-ca:ca:xhuia    he carries st. in a c.f.

  chi:lli        chile         tic-chi:lhuiah      we put chile on it

  chiquihuitl    basket        nic-chiquihuia      I carry s.t. in a basket

  ciyacatl       arm           qui-ciyacahuia      he carries st under his arm

  cochilo        knife         qui-cochilohuihque  they knifed him

  oco:tzotl      pine tar      m[o]-oco:tzohuia    pine resin is applied

  cua:cuahuitl   horn          nech-cua:cuahuia    it gores me

  cuitlatl       excrement     nitla-cuitlahuia    I fertilize

  eztli          blood         nic-ezhuia          I cover it with blood

  huacalli       basket        tla-huacalhuiah     they carry st. in cages

  huehpo:lli     sister-in-law mo-huepolhuia       he "lives" with his

  huitolli       bow           quintla-huitolhuiah they shoot them with bows

  ichcatl        cotton        niqu-ichcahuia      I cover it with cotton

  i:xtli         face, surface nitla-i:xhuia       I level something

  mahpilli       finger        qui-mahpilhuia      he points at her

  ma:tlatl       net           tla-ma:tlahuia      he catches st. with a net

  mecatl         cord          tla-mecahuia        he fastens st. with a cord

  molicpitl      elbow         nech-molicpihuia    he elbows me

  mo:n-na:ntli   mother-in-law mo-mo:n-na:nhuia    he lives in concubinage
                                                     with his mother-in-law

  nanacatl       mushroom      mo-nanacahuia       he takes mushrooms

  nexa:yo:tl     ash water     qui-nexa:yo:huia    he treats it with ash water

  nextli         ash           qui-nexhuia         he puts ashes on it

  nohmah         self, will    mo-nohmahuia        he acts of his own accord

  ochpa:hua:ztli broom         te-ochpa:hua:zhuia  he sweeps people away

  octli          octli         m[o]-ochuia         he is affected by wine

  oco:tzotl      pine pitch    c-ocotzohuia        he applies pine pitch to it

  o:lli          rubber        c-o:lhuiah          they coat it with rubber

  olo:lli        ball          tech-olo:lhuiah     they surround us

  omitl          bone          tla-omihuiah        they burnish st. with a bone

  oquichtli      male, man     tla-oquichhuia      she endures st. like a man

  o:zto:tl       cave          timo-o:zto:huiz     you will hurl yourself into
                                                       a cave

  piya:ztli      tube          nitla-piya:zhuia    I drink st. with a tube

  quechtli       neck
  tzontli        hair          nech-quechtzonhuiah they lasso me about the neck

  sebo           fat, grease   nitla-sebohuia      I grease st.

  tamalli        tamale        mo-tamalhuiah       they make tamales
                                                       for themselves

  tapalcatl      potsherd      mo-tapacahuia       it is polished
                                                       with a potsherd

  tetl           stone         nitla-tehuia        I pound st.

  te:ntli        lip
  cualactli      saliva, poison te-te:ncualachuia  it injects venom in s.o.

  xo:chitl       flower        te-te:nxochihuiani  one who seduces with words

  neuctli        honey         mo-te:nneuchuia     he smears honey on his lips

  calli          house         qui-teo:calhuihqueh they hurled him
                                   from a temple

  cuitlatl       excrement     tla-teo:cuitlahuiah they gild st.

  xa:lli         sand          nitla-teo:xa:lhuia  I abrade st. with fine sand

  tepexitl       crag          nic-tepexihuia      I throw him from a crag

  tepoztli       iron, copper  nitla-tepozhuia     I chop st.

  mecatl         rope, cord    niquin-tepozmecahuia I chain them up

  mi:tl          arrow         qui-tepozmi:huiah   they shoot him with
                                                       an iron bolt (crossbow)

  te:tza:huitl   omen          quimo-te:tza:huia   he takes it as an omen

  textli         corn dough    tla-texhuia         he treats st. with dough

  te:zcatl       mirror        mo-te:zchuiah       they see themselves
                                                       in a mirror
  ti:zatl        chalk         nino-ti:zahuia      I apply chalk to myself

  tla:catl       person
  tecolo:tl      owl
  tla:catecolo:tl devil        te-tla:catecolo:huia he causes s.o.
                                                       to be possessed

  tla:lli        earth         qui-tla:lhuia       he mounds earth on it

  tletl          fire
  quiquiztli     trumpet       quin-tlequiquizhuia he shoots them with a gun

  tli:lli        soot          nic-tli:lhuia       I apply black to st.

  to:chtli       rabbit
  ma:tlatl       net           tla-to:chma:tlahuia he snares rabbits

  tompiahtli     deep basket   tla-tompiahhuiah    they carry st. in
                                                       deep baskets

  tzinacan       bat
  cuitlatl       excrement     tla-tzinacancuitlahuia he uses bat
                                                        excrement glue

  tzontli        hair          nitla-tzonhuia
                               nitla-tzohuia       I snare st.

  tzontli                      nitlatla-tzonhuiz   I will argue

  xi:cohtlii     large bee
  cuitlatl                     nitla-xi:cohcuitlahuia  I wax st.

  xo:chitl       flower        nite-xo:chihuia     I bewitch people,
                                                     I pervert people

  yo:lli         heart
  ce:tl          ice           nino-yo:lce:huia    I lose my anger

  zoquitl        mud           nic-zoquihuia       I apply mud to it

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