Verbing #3

r. joe campbell campbel at
Mon Jan 27 04:56:05 UTC 2003

   Don't worry about the meaning of the '#3' -- it is just to keep my
records straight.

   I thought that nocniuhtzitzihuan might be interested in an organization
of verbs formed off nouns in Nahuatl.  It serves two purposes: 1) it
speeds up learning the language by organizing related vocabulary;
2) it helps you "feel" the related meanings better.

Verbing 3 words are built on a noun base (like all verbing derivations!!)
and the suffixes are "-ihui" and "-ahui".  Both suffixes mean 'to become
(like the base noun)'.

Best regards,


  a:calli       canoe, boat      a:calihui    it becomes grooved

  a:to:lli      atole            a:to:lihui   it becomes soft

  calli         house, space     cacalihui    it becomes hollow

  yahualli      round pad        yahualihui   it becomes round

  caxitl        bowl             caxitl       it becomes depressed, bowl-like

  chi:lli       chile            chichi:lihui it becomes red

  cicuilli      waist            cicuilihui   it becomes thin

  co:lli        something bent   co:lihui     it bends

  como:lli      ravine           como:lihui   it forms a hollow

  tli:lli       soot             tli:lihui    it becomes black

  cue:chtli     something fine   cue:chihui   it becomes pulverized

  huacalli      basket           huacalihui   it becomes hollowed

  huitolli      bow              huitolihui   it arches

  mimilli       cylinder, column mimilihui    it becomes round

  nolli         s.t. twisted     nolihui      it becomes twisted

  olo:lli       ball             olo:lihui    it becomes round

  pazolli       tangle           pazolihui    it comes tangled

  texa:lli      coarse sand      texa:lihui   it becomes numerous

  tlahpalli     effort, strength tlahpalihui  he exerts effort

  xoctli        olla             xoquihui     it becomes like an olla, stinks

  cototztli     wrinkle          cocototzahui he becomes paralyzed

  huitztli      thorn            huitzahui    it becomes pointed

  pi:tztli      s.t. hard, pit   pi:tzahui    it hardens

  quiquiztli    trumpet          quiquizahui  it becomes perforated

  xipochtli     hollow (n.)      xixipochahui it forms hollows

  xolochtli     wrinkle          xolochahui   it becomes wrinkled

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