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Galen Brokaw brokaw at BUFFALO.EDU
Fri Jul 2 19:42:51 UTC 2004

My first guess is that this a scribal error or a typo, and that the
original is actually "zacapepechtli" rather than "yacapepechtli." The
translator gives the meaning as "cama de pajas", so it would seem that
he is reading it as if it were "zaca" [straw] rather than "yaca" [nose].
The Florentine does have attestations of both "zacapechtli" and with the
reduplication "zacapepechtli" meaning straw bed.
Have you checked either the original or other editions of the Anales to
see if they have this word spelled the same way? I would suspect that
you will find it spelled "zacapepechtli" in the original and most other

Carlos Santamarina wrote:
>   Can anybody help me?
> I?m trying to traduce a sentence from the Anales de Cuauhtitlan.
> Here is, with de translation of Primo Feliciano Velázquez (UNAM, 1992):
> auh in oacic niman Mizoc, ipan iniyacapepech oncan yoltlacatl macehualli
> ?Al llegar, se sangró en su cama de pajas, de donde tuvo vida una
> persona plebeya?
> I have problems with yacapepech (no 'zacapepech'), perhaps from yacatl
> (nose or tip?) and pepechtli (bed or so)...
>     Thank you very much.
> Carlos Santamarina <carlossn at> carlossn at

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