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Randall Wood rsw22 at CORNELL.EDU
Thu Jul 22 02:07:27 UTC 2004

> What language will it be written in?
> ¿En qué lengua será escrito?

English, I suppose.  If it's good enough, I'd translate it into Spanish, where
it would have a better audience, I suppose.  But since I'm mostly writing it
for myself, it's hard to imagine writing in anything except English, for now.

> Was there ever a Nahatl-speaking population in and around Nicaragua, or
> was there only a Nahuatl-speaking ruling and official class?
> ¿Había siempre una población en quien habló náhuatl y alrededor de
> Nicaragua, o era allí solamente una clase predominante y la clase del
> funcionario que habló náhuatl?

Nicaraguan tradition relates Gil Gonzalez and other conquistadores ran into
the Nicarao on the shores of Lake Cocibolca (Lago de Nicaragua), descendents
of the Nahuatl.  The Chorotega lived in small communities in the mountains,
and on the Atlantic coast were communities of Miskito, Zambo, Sumu (Mayangna)
and Rama.  I don't know anything about the Nahuatl being a class that ruled
others, but honestly I still know very little about the Nahuatl in general.


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