Opinions Solicited

Richley Crapo rcrapo at HASS.USU.EDU
Thu Jul 29 02:51:18 UTC 2004

Thanks. Others have suggested that, and I'll certainly consider it.

>>> a.appleyard at BTINTERNET.COM 07/28/04 13:57 PM >>>
--- Richley Crapo <RCRAPO at HASS.USU.EDU> wrote:
> I will be publishing an English translation of a sixteenth century
> Aztec history (relatively) soon and I have a major decision to make
> about the way I present the Nahuatl text. My original intent was to
> present the Nahuatl text in the two-colum (Nahuatl-English) format
> with the original spelling and punctuation, ...

Or have 3 colums: English, original Nahuatl, normalized Nahuatl.

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