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Sat Aug 25 17:47:24 UTC 2007

To my knowledge there is no correct grammar, or at least grammatical  
convention, as there is no governing body for the language, there are  
aproximately 5 Nawatl conventions, all of them made by people for who  
Nawatl is a second language, and none of them Mexican.

I had to create my own orthographic convention, since classic Nahua  
is a dead language and modern Nawatl has been influenced by  suspect  
interest such as the  CIA's Instituto Linguistico de Verano.

If you wish a copy of my Nawatl Orthographic convention let me know,

Totenyo, Totau'ka, Mexikah

Marcos Villasenor

On Aug 24, 2007, at 7:34 PM, Owen Thomas wrote:

> Listeros,
> I have been attempting to learn without a teacher and have  
> accumulated several books, Andrews Grammar and workbook, Kartunen,  
> Carocci and finally Thelma Sullivan. I can read Sullivan but find  
> that it does not follow all Andrews NNC and VNC patterns.
> I am learning from Thelma Sullivan and would like some assurance  
> that this will not set me on a path that leads to future failure by  
> not following correct grammar.
> I would like to have some offers of help via the web; help anyone?
> -- 
> We are connected
> Owen
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