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Sat Aug 25 18:11:05 UTC 2007


I began teaching myself to read classical Nahuatl about two years ago using
Lockhart's "Nahuatl As Written".  I also own the Campbell and Karttunen
"Foundation Course" notebooks, and they are excellent, too.  However, one
advantage of Lockhart's book is that he gets you into reading Colonial era
documents from the very start - a plus for those who hope to study the
copious manuscripts that survive from this period.

Another suggestion: find someone near you with whom you can study,
preferably one with some experience with the language.  I was fortunate
enough to get connected with Galen Brokaw and Pablo Garcia, both former
students of Joe Campbell.  For me learning is easier with others, not to
mention more fun.

Here are some web links you might find useful:

On another note: why are you interested in learning Nahuatl?  I'd love to
hear your story.  Good luck!  Once you've been bitten by the bug, there's
no turning back!

Ben Leeming
Framingham, MA

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