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 Tue, 28 Aug 2007

Piali compaleh huan comaleh,

I have worked for a short time interpreting for a few Nahuatl defendants in
court (mostly immigration cases). The men I have worked with have come from
the Sierra de Puebla, and Guerrero. Based in this tiny sample, It seems
that most Nahuatl workers first go to Mexico City, Matamoros, Nuevo
Laredo,or Ciudad Juarez.. Here in San Diego county, there is a large Mixteco
community, as there is in L.A. county. I know of only one family of Nahuatl
speakers. they came here from Guerrero. I also know there is one Huichol
artisan that lives here.

Perhaps until now, the Nahuatl speakers lived in more economically
sustainable areas than the Mixteco and Maya. I have only met one Purepecha
speaking immigrant here in San Diego, and a few Yoremi.


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