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Over the 10 or so years that I have been making Campbell and Karttunen 
available I'd say that maybe 1/3 of the requests come from prisons.  Of 
those 90% are from inmates, the rest from guards.  Beyond that I do not 
provide tutoring services or bibliographic services.  Prisoners ask me 
for all kinds of things to help them learn the language, but I am simply 
not equipped to do that, nor do I have the time in my schedule.  I 
politely decline the opportunity to send them more materials or to 
answer their specific grammatical questions.

Walter O. Koenig wrote:
> I was recently contacted by a prisoner from Arizona who wrote a letter 
> in excellent english asking me for Nahuatl resources. I have heard 
> from several sources that prisoners were using Nahuatl to communicate 
> with one another so the guards would not understand them. In fact, I 
> know someone who was asked by prison authorities not to provide 
> Nahuatl resources. Does anyone know more about this, and if you have 
> received letters from prisoners how do you respond to them? The 
> prisoner evidently got my address from the Nahua Newsletter.
> Best Wishes,

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