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The Mesoamerican Language Texts Digitization Project developed from a desire
to make available to scholars, students, and enthusiasts world-wide, a
selection of primary documents pertaining to the ethnohistory and
linguistics of the indigenous populations of Mexico and northern Central
America. This is a collaborative arrangement between Sandra Noble, Ph.D.,
Executive Director, FAMSI, and the Libraries of the University of
Pennsylvania.  The selection of titles to be included was made by John M.
Weeks, Ph.D., Librarian of the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

FAMSI is pleased to announce 19 newly-posted manuscripts in the
Mesoamerican Language Texts Digitization Project:

To learn more about this joint project of FAMSI and the
University of Pennsylvania Libraries, click here:

To view the catalog of rare manuscripts currently available online, click

Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.

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