Why is a swallow called a swallow?

John Sullivan, Ph.D. idiez at mac.com
Tue Sep 11 19:44:40 UTC 2007

Bien Listeros,
	That's the question I have: Why is a swallow (the bird) called a  
	In Classical Nahuatl, "swallow" is "cui:cui:tzcatl". The plural  
form, given by Fran, is "cui:cui:tzcanih", suggesting a verbal origin  
for the word. I would say either "cui:cui:tzihui" or "cui:cui:tzoa",  
because their preterite forms, "cui:cui:tziuh" and "cui:cui:tzoh"  
would have the option of shortening to "cui:cui:tz" when combining  
with something else, such as the preterite agentive "-qui/-ca-".
	The reason is wrote this mail is that there is a verb in Huastecan  
Nahuatl, "cui:tzoa, nimo" which means "to have something stuck in  
your throat". There is a related verb "cui:tzihui", which is only  
used with "tlan(tli)", "tooth". "tlancui:tzihui, ni.", means "the  
bare or show your teeth".
	So anyway, why is a swallow called a swallow?

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