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Estimados listeros,


Help!  I’m stuck in
the boondocks of Bulgaria
and have had a devil of a time getting copies of either H.B. Nicholson’s 


1966 “The Problem of the Provenience of Codex Borbonicus of
the Members of the “Codex Borbonicus Group”: A Summary.  In Summa antropolgica en homenaje a Roberto
J. Weitlaner: 145-158.  Instituto
Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Mexico.




The Provenience of the Codex Borbonicus: A Hypothesis, in Smoke
and Mist: Mesoamerican Studies in Memory of Thelma D. Sullivan, Josser and
and Karen Dakin (eds.), i, pp. 77




  N. C Christopher Couch’s The Festival Cycle of the Aztec
  Codex Borbonicus.
  Before I expend
  more resources here in trying for hard-to-come-by library loans, could
  someone, in a word, tell me where these scholars have hypothesized the Codex’s
  provenience to be?
  Mil gracias,
  Tom Grigsby

G.S. Rakovski St., No.79 

Boboshevo, 2026 Bulgaria

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