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I don't have the sources you are looking for at hand, but in an article by Maarten Jansen and Gabina Aurora Pérez Jiménez, "Renaming the Mexican Codices" (Ancient Mesoamerica, 15 (2004), 267-271), online at find this:

"The Codex Borbonicus, named for the Palais Bourbon in Paris, where it
was kept, is a Mexica manuscript clearly related to this group. In its
series of year feasts it gives prominence to the role of the high-priest and
to the Dark Temple (Tlillan) of his Divine Patron, the Goddess Cihuacoatl.
19 In the sixteenth century it was sent to the king of Spain and it is
mentioned in the list of "Libros de diversas facultades de la testamentaria
de Felipe II" (1600) as a "libro en folio mayor, de los caciques de
México y de los días que sacrificaban en la semana." Analyzing the
glosses, we conclude that the document comes from the area of Xochimilco,
but to underline its religious character, we prefer to call it Codex

[BTW, I don't believe that their call to rename all the codices in a rational way, sensible as it may be, has been taken up by other scholars.]



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Estimados listeros,
Help!  Im stuck in the boondocks of Bulgaria and have had a devil of a time getting copies of either H.B. Nicholsons 
1966 The Problem of the Provenience of Codex Borbonicus of the Members of the Codex Borbonicus Group: A Summary.  In Summa antropolgica en homenaje a Roberto J. Weitlaner: 145-158.  Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. Mexico.
The Provenience of the Codex Borbonicus: A Hypothesis, in Smoke and Mist: Mesoamerican Studies in Memory of Thelma D. Sullivan, Josser and and Karen Dakin (eds.), i, pp. 77
N. C Christopher Couchs The Festival Cycle of the Aztec Codex Borbonicus.
Before I expend more resources here in trying for hard-to-come-by library loans, could someone, in a word, tell me where these scholars have hypothesized the Codexs provenience to be?
Mil gracias,
Tom Grigsby

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