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Hi, all.

I'm working through several passages in SahagĂșn's General History that  
contain the word ineixcahuil.  Dibble & Anderson translate the term  
"his personal privilege," "characteristics" or "his special  
attribute" (2:52, 10:118a and 11:228), but I'm not sure how they  
determined these translations.  In particular, I'm stuck on the final - 
l.  Is it a patientive noun ending (Lockhart 28)?  If so, does the  
word mean something like "his abandoned/relinquished face/ 
surface?"  [Molina has "neixcahuillalacolli. culpa especial y propriad  
e alguno" (66r).]

i-  = possessive pronoun, 3rd person singular
-ne- = nonspecific reflexive object prefix
-ix(tli)- = "eye, face, surface"
-ca(hua)- = "to leave, abandon, relinquish sby/stg"
-hui- = singular possessive suffix
-l = ??

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.
Molly Bassett
Molly Bassett
Ph.D. Candidate, Religious Studies
University of California, Santa Barbara

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