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Robert A. Neinast neinast at
Tue Dec 30 22:01:58 UTC 2008

Craig Berry wrote:
>> Yes, that it what they had. They also had other
>> abominations like
>>  cuauhtin (kwah-oo-teen).
> How would you render that properly into informal phonetics?

I'd go with kwow-teen.

> Given they couldn't station a staff person by each sign to teach how
> to do the tongue positioning that produces the terminal -tl sound, I'd
> say this was a reasonable compromise.

Yeah, probably. This was definitely the least of
my complaints.

By the way, I just noticed on their web page,
they include a lot of their pronunciations.

So everybody else here can see what they did
and groan. :-) (You can also see when they did
it right.)

" . . . and shun the Frumious Bandersnatch."
Robert A. Neinast
Pickerington, OH
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