Advice on jobsearch in Mexico requested

Kier Salmon k_salmon at
Sat May 17 21:35:30 UTC 2008

Well, I lived in Mexico.  Grew up there as a foreign national.  You  
need an FM2, and as you are married to a mexican woman, then you might  
get it early.  Most of us have to live 5 years in the country without  
working to get the FM2.
You cannot work without the FM2 unless the hiring agency petitions for  
a special job permit in which they must show that you have abilities  
without which they cannot function and that aren't obtainable from the  
present job pool of mexicans.
So, when you go looking for a job... you can apply!... just make sure  
they understand you are "tramitando mi FM2" and that you will have to  
be hired with all the work that GebernaciĆ³n demands from the hiring  
agency.  Headcount with salary ranges and a few other documents.
So, you can job hunt and look and interview, but only accept if  
GobernaciĆ³n gives you the go ahead.  And if you have kids, register  
them at once for their FM2.  I have a friend who was born in the US  
and her parents took her in on a tourist visa and never regularized  
her status.  After four years of university work 15 years later she  
was denied her "titulo" because as a foreigner she had obtained her  
education fradulently.  Foreigners pay more for the universities.  Get  
the kids regularized both from your country and theirs... it's really  
Also, check the restrictions.  Probably won't matter to you; but still  
is a good idea to KNOW what they are.  As I recall, foreigners are not  
allowed to work in teh restaurant industry... or the sex trade.   
(Item, in my days prostitution was legal, "leocinio" pimping was not.)

On May 17, 2008, at 1:37 PM, magnus hansen wrote:

> Hi Listers
> I have recently graduated with an MA in Mesoamerican cultures and  
> linguistics from the University of Copenhagen, specialising in  
> Classical Nahuatl and modern Morelos Nahuatl. Now my wife and I have  
> decided to settle in Mexico, her patria. I have spent time doing  
> fieldwork in Mexico, but the jobmarket here is all new to me, and I  
> don't kno how to begi looking. I assume that just showing up at the  
> doorsep of an educational institution with a diploma is not the  
> correct way to do it. However, I know that some of you who follow  
> the list are foreigners working in Mexico and I'd appreciate any  
> advice you might have as to how a nahuatlatoh hunts down a job here.
> Regards
> Magnus Parao Hasen
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