map/mapa exhibit for 2012-13?

Stephanie Wood swood at
Thu Jan 21 20:18:10 UTC 2010

Hello listeros (please excuse duplication),

I am part of a committee that is trying to organize an exhibit on our  
campus (U of Oregon) for the academic year 2012-13 that would include  
Age of Exploration maps of the Americas and mapas/lienzos authored by  
indigenous people of Mesoamerica ca. 1550-1900.  This could include  
alphabetic, indigenous language texts, too.  If you are a curator or  
are in close touch with one, and you believe your institution might  
have -- and be willing to loan (this is key) -- one or more pieces for  
such an exhibit, would you please contact me off list?

We are having a difficult time finding repositories that are willing  
to loan items.  Either they do not loan at all, or they are loaning to  
a competing exhibit, or their items will need to be "resting" at that  
time.  We can provide information about our museum's security, climate  
control, light, etc., as necessary.  We are open to collaboration, and  
having an exhibit travel to another venue or two (if the loan  
stipulations would permit that).

Also, if you have suggestions about grants that are available to help  
underwrite such exhibits, I would be pleased to hear about those.  I  
am aware of what NEH offers.

Thanks in advance!
Stephanie Wood
University of Oregon

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