How do Nahuatl idioms compare to English idioms? How about Chinese idioms? Examples?

Alec Battles alec.battles at
Thu Oct 7 13:45:46 UTC 2010

Hi Frances

I spent about 6 months in Mexico when I was barely out of high school,
and I well remember being told 'aguas' by my friends and many friendly
hosts who must have thought I was a silly guero, which I basically
was. The expression is pretty common among speakers all over the Valle
de Mexico and the state of Morelos. I never heard 'hechame aguas,'
though. It would be interesting to see how this relates to a Nahuatl
(or even Mesoamerican, as I'm sure some idioms would have come in from
these languages). I'm something of an idiom collector myself. I've
read that the German word for 'idiom' is a compound noun of 'mouth' +
'art', which sums up my own feelings quite nicely.

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