Colonial language policy in the Americas

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Estimado Richard:

I made a modest contribution to the study colonial language policy and its
application in New Spain in a journal article; through the references you
can get an idea of the major published sources, both colonial and modern.
This is an exploratory study; the hard work of digging into the archives
lies ahead.

“La política lingüística en la Nueva España”, en Acta Universitaria
(Dirección de Investigación y Posgrado, Universidad de Guanajuato), vol. 17,
no. 3, sep.-dic. 2007, pp. 5-19.

The article can be downloaded without subscriptions or fees (as it should
be) here:


David Wright

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I am trying to do some personal research at the moment into colonial
language policy and I wonder if anyone has attempted a study with this
particular focus (as opposed to studying the colonial experience more
generally). I am interested mainly the Spanish and Portuguese approaches and
would be most interested to know if there are any such works.
Richard Durkan

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