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  The following citations are from Dibble and Anderson's edition of the 
Florentine -- b. = book and p. = page.  f. = my file number.


only on

*ihcequi ***
  acocilihcequi , n- (n$acocilihcequi).  I toast shrimp. <p11-acocilin-
    ihcequi>. b.11 f.7 p.64|
  ayohhuachihcequi , n[i]- (n[i]$ayohhuachihcequi).  I parch gourd seeds
    or squash seeds. <p11-ayohtli-achtli-ihcequi>. b.11 f.27 p.288|
  ayohhuachtlahcectli (ayohhuachtlahcectli).  toasted gourd seed.
    <ayohtli-achtli-p51-ihcequi-l2>. b.10 f.4 p.68|
  ihceconi (ihceconi).  something which can be toasted. <ihcequi-lo:1-
    ni1>. b.11 f.7 p.64|
  [i]hcectli , tla- (tla$[i]hcectli).  something toasted. <p51-ihcequi-
    l2>. b.10 f.4 p.65|
  ihcectli =tla (tla[i]hcectli).  cosa tostada, assi como garuanzos,
    pepitas, cacao. &c. <p51-ihcequi-l2>. 71m2-20|
  ihcequi , m[o]- (m[o]$ihcequi).  it is roasted; it is parched; it is
    fired. <p54-ihcequi>. b.11 f.12 p.120|
  ihcequi , qu- (qu-ihcequi).  they roast it; they toast it. <p33-
    ihcequi>. b.2 f.7 p.127|
  ihcequi =nitla (nitlaihcequi).  tostar mayz, vel simile. en comal o en
    sarten. <p11-p51-ihcequi>. 71m1-201|
  ihcequi =nitla=onitlaihcec. huel. onitlahcec (ihcequi
    =nitla=onitlaihcec. huel. onitlahcec).  tostar maiz, o garuanzos en
    comalli. <p11-p51-ihcequi>. 71m2-6|

  ihcequi (ihcequi).  it toasts, it roasts. <ihcequi>. b.11 f.14 p.142|

  ihcequiya , qu- (qu$ihcequia).  she toasted it. <p33-ihcequi-ya3>. b.3
    f.2 p.31|
  ihcequiaya , te- (te$ihcequiaya).  . <p52-ihcequi-ben-ya3>. b.3 f.2 p.31|
  ihcequiz , m[o]- (m[o]$ihcequiz).  it will be roasted. <p54-ihcequi-
    z>. b.11 f.19 p.192|
  nacatlahcectli (nacatlahcectli).  roast meat. <nacatl-p51-ihcequi-l2>.
    b.8 f.2 p.37|
  tlahcectli (tlahcectli).  tostada cosa assi  (assi is tostar mayz, vel
    simile. en comal o en sarten). <p51-ihcequi-l2>. 71m1-201|

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