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Mon Nov 21 17:54:58 UTC 2011

Hey Fritz,

   Here's what I have on "nacochtli" 'earplug'.  Sorry to be so brief, 
but I'm just now walking out the door.


*nacochtli ***

  acanacochtli (acanacochtli).  reed ear plug. <a:catl-nacochtli>. b.10
    f.11 p.178|

  amanacocheh (amanacocheh).  buffle-head; one who has a paper ear plug.
    <a:matl-nacochtli-eh1>. b.11 f.4 p.35|

  apozonalnacochtli (apozonalnacochtli).  amber ear plug. <a:tl1-pozo:ni-
    caus09-l1-nacochtli>. b.8 f.3 p.47|

  chalchiuhcoanacoch , i- (i-chalchiuhcoanacoch).  his green stone
    serpent-shaped earplug. <poss-cha:lchihuitl-co:a:tl-nacochtli>. b.12
    f.1 p.12|

  chalchiuhcoanacochtli (chalchiuhcoanacochtli).  green stone serpent
    earplug. <cha:lchihuitl-co:a:tl-nacochtli>. b.12 f.1 p.15|

  coanacoch , i- (i-coanacoch).  his serpent ear plug. <poss-co:a:tl-
    nacochtli>. b.12 f.3 p.52|

  coanacochtli (coanacochtli).  !name=coanacochtli. <!name=coanacochtli
    co:a:tl-nacochtli>. b.8 f.1 p.10|

  coanacochtzin (coanacochtzin).  !name=coanacochtzin.
    <!name=coanacochtzin co:a:tl-nacochtli-tzin +chtz>chtz>. b.8 f.1

  coanacochxihuitl , i- (i-coanacochxihuitl).  his serpent ear plug
    turquoise. <poss-co:a:tl-nacochtli-xihuitl1>. b.12 f.3 p.52|

  coanacotzin (coanacotzin).  !name=coanacotzin. <!name=coanacotzin
    co:a:tl-nacochtli-tzin>. b.12 f.8 p.123|

  cocoyolnacoch , in- (in-cocoyolnacoch).  their bell-shaped ear plug.
    <poss-dupl-coyolli-nacochtli>. b.2 f.5 p.99|

  cocoyolnacocheh (cocoyolnacocheh).  one who has bell-shaped ear plugs.
    <dupl-coyolli-nacochtli-eh1>. b.2 f.5 p.99|

  coyolnacoch , i- (i$coyolnacoch).  his turquoise ear plug. <poss-
    coyolli-nacochtli>. b.2 f.3 p.69|

  cuauhnacochtli (cuauhnacochtli).  wooden ear plug. <cuahuitl-
    nacochtli>. b.9 f.5 p.60|

  cuetlaxnacochihqueh (cuetlaxnacochihqueh).  those who have leather ear
    plugs. <cuetlaxtli-nacochtli-eh1-plur14 +ev.verb.21>. b.8 f.5 p.77|

  cuetlaxnacochtli (cuetlaxnacochtli).  leather ear plug. <cuetlaxtli-
    nacochtli>. b.8 f.5 p.74|

  huacuauhnacochtli (huacuauhnacochtli).  . <hua:qui--nacochtli>. b.10
    f.11 p.178|

  iitznacocheh (iitznacocheh).  one who has obsidian ear plugs. <dupl-
    i:tztli-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1 f.1 p.11|

  itznacochtli (itznacochtli).  obsidian ear plug. <i:tztli-nacochtli>.
    b.8 f.3 p.47|

  mayanacochtli (mayanacochtli).  ear plug made of black beetles.
    <mayatl-nacochtli>. b.10 f.11 p.178|

  nacoch , i- (i-nacoch).  his ear plug. <poss-nacochtli>. b.9 f.5

  nacoch , in- (in-nacoch).  their ear plug. <poss-nacochtli>. b.10 f.11

  nacoch , in- (in$nacoch).  their ear plug. <poss-nacochtli>. b.10 f.11

  nacoch , in- (in-nacoch).  their ear-ring. <poss-nacochtli>. b.11 f.22

  nacocheh (nacocheh).  ; one who has ear plugs. <nacochtli-eh1>. b.11
    f.26 p.275|

  nacochtia , mo- (mo-nacochtia).  he puts on ear plugs; they put on ear
    plugs. <p54-nacochtli-v04-caus08>. b.3 f.4 p.56|

  nacochtiaya , mo- (mo-nacochtiaya).  they wore ear plugs, they put on
    ear plugs. <p54-nacochtli-v04-caus08-ya3>. b.10 f.11 p.178|

  nacochtli (nacochtli).  orejeras; ear pendant; ear plug. <nacochtli>.

  nanacocheh (nanacocheh).  one who has ear plugs. <dupl-nacochtli-eh1>.
    b.1 f.1 p.11|

  quetzalcoyolnacochtli (quetzalcoyolnacochtli).  green ear pendant with
    bells; green shell-shaped ear pendant. <quetzalli-coyolli-
    nacochtli>. b.9 f.1 p.4|

  tecciznacochtli (tecciznacochtli).  seashell ear plug. <te:uctli-
    ciztli-nacochtli>. b.10 f.11 p.177|

  tecuitlacoyolnacoch , i- (i$tecuitlacoyolnacoch).  his golden shell
    earplugs. <poss-teo:tl?-cuitlatl-coyolli-nacochtli>. b.12 f.1 p.12|

  tehuilonacochtli (tehuilonacochtli).  crystal ear plug; rock crystal
    ear plug. <tehui:lo:tl-nacochtli>. b.9 f.6 p.80|

  teocuitlanacoch , i- (i-teocuitlanacoch).  her golden ear plug. <poss-
    teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>. b.2 f.4 p.91|

  teocuitlanacoch , i- (i$teocuitlanacoch).  his golden ear plug. <poss-
    teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>. b.9 f.5 p.69|

  teocuitlanacoch , i- (i-teocuitlanacoch).  her golden ear plug. <poss-
    teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>. b.9 f.6 p.79|

  teocuitlanacocheh (teocuitlanacocheh).  one who had golden ear plugs;
    having golden ear plugs. <teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1 f.1

  teocuitlanacochtli (teocuitlanacochtli).  golden ear plug; gold ear
    plug; gold earring; gold ear pendant. <teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>.
    b.2 f.4 p.91|

  tepoznacochtli (tepoznacochtli).  copper ear plug. <tepoztli-
    nacochtli>. b.9 f.2 p.18|

  teteocuitlanacoch , in- (in-teteocuitlanacoch).  their golden ear
    pendant. <poss-dupl-teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>. b.9 f.7 p.85|

  teteocuitlanacoch , i- (i-teteocuitlanacoch).  his golden ear plugs.
    <poss-dupl-teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>. b.12 f.6 p.92|

  tezcanacochtli (tezcanacochtli).  mirror-stone ear plug. <te:zcatl-
    nacochtli>. b.10 f.11 p.177|

  titizanacoch , i- (i$titizanacoch).  his chalk-colored ear pendant.
    <poss-dupl-ti:zatl-nacochtli>. b.9 f.6 p.84|

  tizanacoch , i- (i-tizanacoch).  his chalky ear plug. <poss-ti:zatl-
    nacochtli>. b.1 f.2 p.34|

  tolnacochtli (tolnacochtli).  a kind of plant. <to:lin-nacochtli
    +need:plant>. b.11 f.19 p.195|

  tzicoliuhcanacocheh (tzicoliuhcanacocheh).  one who has a curved ear
    pendant. <tzictli-v03b-caus06-l1-v03b-prt1-ca:5-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1
    f.1 p.9|

  xiuhcohuanacocheh (xiuhcohuanacocheh).  one who has a fire serpent
    disguise. <xihuitl1-co:a:tl-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1 f.2 p.30|

  xiuhnacoch , i[n]- (i[n]$xiuhnacoch).  their turquoise ear plug. <poss-
    xihuitl1-nacochtli>. b.8 f.3 p.43|

  xiuhnacocheh (xiuhnacocheh).  one who has turquoise ear plugs.
    <xihuitl1-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1 f.1 p.22|

  xiuhnacochtli (xiuhnacochtli).  ; turquoise ear plug; turquoise
    earplug. <xihuitl1-nacochtli>. b.2 f.10 p.164|

  xiuhtotonacocheh (xiuhtotonacocheh).  ear pendant made of lovely
    cotinga feathers. <xihuitl1-to:to:tl-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1 f.1 p.2|

  xixiuhnacochtia , mo- (mo-xixiuhnacochtia).  he puts on turquoise ear
    plugs. <p54-dupl-xihuitl1-nacochtli-v04-caus08>. b.3 f.4 p.56|

  zoquinacochtli (zoquinacochtli).  pottery ear plug. <zoquitl-
    nacochtli>. b.10 f.11 p.178|

morpheme count 103

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> As part of an on-going bit of study on Texcoco, I would like to
> figure out the underlying meaning of Coanacoch, the last tlahtoani,
> first gobernador.
> Any suggestions?
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