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This reading of earplug is in keeping with J.M.A. Aubin's reading from 1884 
(Memoire sur la peinture...).

See also Primeros Memoriales, 52v, where "Coanacochtli" has his ear 
obscured, but his glyph is a complete, live serpent threaded once through a 
human ear.  I don't have access to Sahagun's Florentine Codex at the moment, 
but he should appear in a position analogous to the Primeros Memoriales, 
although portrayed even more through a Tenochcan filter than even the 
Primeros Memoriales (from Tepeapulco).

On Mapa Tlotzin, his glyph appears to be a serpent emerging from a disk. 
Because this is a small detail, neither the illustrations in the re-edition 
of Aubin (UNAM 2002) nor Douglas (2010) allow for close inspection of his 
glyph in that document.  The disk from which the serpent is emerging is 
surrounded by a small red circle that may have a device to the left to 
indicate it is overall an earplug.  In my 19th century lithograph (which 
appears to come from Aubin's work), the same detail is seen and perhaps 
elaborated a bit--and elaborated correctly probably--in the entry for this 
person ("Coanacoc") in Garcia Granados (1952).

So, the two glyphs that come quickly to mind and are at hand match up 
reasonably well, which is not always the case with Nahua writing which can 
be very creative in glyph composition--as is shown by the Primeros 
Memoriales glyph being a live snake in a ear rather than a static depiction 
of  a serpent earplug.

Jerry Offner

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Hey Fritz,

   Here's what I have on "nacochtli" 'earplug'.  Sorry to be so brief,
but I'm just now walking out the door.


*nacochtli ***

  acanacochtli (acanacochtli).  reed ear plug. <a:catl-nacochtli>. b.10
    f.11 p.178|

  amanacocheh (amanacocheh).  buffle-head; one who has a paper ear plug.
    <a:matl-nacochtli-eh1>. b.11 f.4 p.35|

  apozonalnacochtli (apozonalnacochtli).  amber ear plug. <a:tl1-pozo:ni-
    caus09-l1-nacochtli>. b.8 f.3 p.47|

  chalchiuhcoanacoch , i- (i-chalchiuhcoanacoch).  his green stone
    serpent-shaped earplug. <poss-cha:lchihuitl-co:a:tl-nacochtli>. b.12
    f.1 p.12|

  chalchiuhcoanacochtli (chalchiuhcoanacochtli).  green stone serpent
    earplug. <cha:lchihuitl-co:a:tl-nacochtli>. b.12 f.1 p.15|

  coanacoch , i- (i-coanacoch).  his serpent ear plug. <poss-co:a:tl-
    nacochtli>. b.12 f.3 p.52|

  coanacochtli (coanacochtli).  !name=coanacochtli. <!name=coanacochtli
    co:a:tl-nacochtli>. b.8 f.1 p.10|

  coanacochtzin (coanacochtzin).  !name=coanacochtzin.
    <!name=coanacochtzin co:a:tl-nacochtli-tzin +chtz>chtz>. b.8 f.1

  coanacochxihuitl , i- (i-coanacochxihuitl).  his serpent ear plug
    turquoise. <poss-co:a:tl-nacochtli-xihuitl1>. b.12 f.3 p.52|

  coanacotzin (coanacotzin).  !name=coanacotzin. <!name=coanacotzin
    co:a:tl-nacochtli-tzin>. b.12 f.8 p.123|

  cocoyolnacoch , in- (in-cocoyolnacoch).  their bell-shaped ear plug.
    <poss-dupl-coyolli-nacochtli>. b.2 f.5 p.99|

  cocoyolnacocheh (cocoyolnacocheh).  one who has bell-shaped ear plugs.
    <dupl-coyolli-nacochtli-eh1>. b.2 f.5 p.99|

  coyolnacoch , i- (i$coyolnacoch).  his turquoise ear plug. <poss-
    coyolli-nacochtli>. b.2 f.3 p.69|

  cuauhnacochtli (cuauhnacochtli).  wooden ear plug. <cuahuitl-
    nacochtli>. b.9 f.5 p.60|

  cuetlaxnacochihqueh (cuetlaxnacochihqueh).  those who have leather ear
    plugs. <cuetlaxtli-nacochtli-eh1-plur14 +ev.verb.21>. b.8 f.5 p.77|

  cuetlaxnacochtli (cuetlaxnacochtli).  leather ear plug. <cuetlaxtli-
    nacochtli>. b.8 f.5 p.74|

  huacuauhnacochtli (huacuauhnacochtli).  . <hua:qui--nacochtli>. b.10
    f.11 p.178|

  iitznacocheh (iitznacocheh).  one who has obsidian ear plugs. <dupl-
    i:tztli-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1 f.1 p.11|

  itznacochtli (itznacochtli).  obsidian ear plug. <i:tztli-nacochtli>.
    b.8 f.3 p.47|

  mayanacochtli (mayanacochtli).  ear plug made of black beetles.
    <mayatl-nacochtli>. b.10 f.11 p.178|

  nacoch , i- (i-nacoch).  his ear plug. <poss-nacochtli>. b.9 f.5

  nacoch , in- (in-nacoch).  their ear plug. <poss-nacochtli>. b.10 f.11

  nacoch , in- (in$nacoch).  their ear plug. <poss-nacochtli>. b.10 f.11

  nacoch , in- (in-nacoch).  their ear-ring. <poss-nacochtli>. b.11 f.22

  nacocheh (nacocheh).  ; one who has ear plugs. <nacochtli-eh1>. b.11
    f.26 p.275|

  nacochtia , mo- (mo-nacochtia).  he puts on ear plugs; they put on ear
    plugs. <p54-nacochtli-v04-caus08>. b.3 f.4 p.56|

  nacochtiaya , mo- (mo-nacochtiaya).  they wore ear plugs, they put on
    ear plugs. <p54-nacochtli-v04-caus08-ya3>. b.10 f.11 p.178|

  nacochtli (nacochtli).  orejeras; ear pendant; ear plug. <nacochtli>.

  nanacocheh (nanacocheh).  one who has ear plugs. <dupl-nacochtli-eh1>.
    b.1 f.1 p.11|

  quetzalcoyolnacochtli (quetzalcoyolnacochtli).  green ear pendant with
    bells; green shell-shaped ear pendant. <quetzalli-coyolli-
    nacochtli>. b.9 f.1 p.4|

  tecciznacochtli (tecciznacochtli).  seashell ear plug. <te:uctli-
    ciztli-nacochtli>. b.10 f.11 p.177|

  tecuitlacoyolnacoch , i- (i$tecuitlacoyolnacoch).  his golden shell
    earplugs. <poss-teo:tl?-cuitlatl-coyolli-nacochtli>. b.12 f.1 p.12|

  tehuilonacochtli (tehuilonacochtli).  crystal ear plug; rock crystal
    ear plug. <tehui:lo:tl-nacochtli>. b.9 f.6 p.80|

  teocuitlanacoch , i- (i-teocuitlanacoch).  her golden ear plug. <poss-
    teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>. b.2 f.4 p.91|

  teocuitlanacoch , i- (i$teocuitlanacoch).  his golden ear plug. <poss-
    teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>. b.9 f.5 p.69|

  teocuitlanacoch , i- (i-teocuitlanacoch).  her golden ear plug. <poss-
    teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>. b.9 f.6 p.79|

  teocuitlanacocheh (teocuitlanacocheh).  one who had golden ear plugs;
    having golden ear plugs. <teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1 f.1

  teocuitlanacochtli (teocuitlanacochtli).  golden ear plug; gold ear
    plug; gold earring; gold ear pendant. <teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>.
    b.2 f.4 p.91|

  tepoznacochtli (tepoznacochtli).  copper ear plug. <tepoztli-
    nacochtli>. b.9 f.2 p.18|

  teteocuitlanacoch , in- (in-teteocuitlanacoch).  their golden ear
    pendant. <poss-dupl-teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>. b.9 f.7 p.85|

  teteocuitlanacoch , i- (i-teteocuitlanacoch).  his golden ear plugs.
    <poss-dupl-teo:tl-cuitlatl-nacochtli>. b.12 f.6 p.92|

  tezcanacochtli (tezcanacochtli).  mirror-stone ear plug. <te:zcatl-
    nacochtli>. b.10 f.11 p.177|

  titizanacoch , i- (i$titizanacoch).  his chalk-colored ear pendant.
    <poss-dupl-ti:zatl-nacochtli>. b.9 f.6 p.84|

  tizanacoch , i- (i-tizanacoch).  his chalky ear plug. <poss-ti:zatl-
    nacochtli>. b.1 f.2 p.34|

  tolnacochtli (tolnacochtli).  a kind of plant. <to:lin-nacochtli
    +need:plant>. b.11 f.19 p.195|

  tzicoliuhcanacocheh (tzicoliuhcanacocheh).  one who has a curved ear
    pendant. <tzictli-v03b-caus06-l1-v03b-prt1-ca:5-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1
    f.1 p.9|

  xiuhcohuanacocheh (xiuhcohuanacocheh).  one who has a fire serpent
    disguise. <xihuitl1-co:a:tl-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1 f.2 p.30|

  xiuhnacoch , i[n]- (i[n]$xiuhnacoch).  their turquoise ear plug. <poss-
    xihuitl1-nacochtli>. b.8 f.3 p.43|

  xiuhnacocheh (xiuhnacocheh).  one who has turquoise ear plugs.
    <xihuitl1-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1 f.1 p.22|

  xiuhnacochtli (xiuhnacochtli).  ; turquoise ear plug; turquoise
    earplug. <xihuitl1-nacochtli>. b.2 f.10 p.164|

  xiuhtotonacocheh (xiuhtotonacocheh).  ear pendant made of lovely
    cotinga feathers. <xihuitl1-to:to:tl-nacochtli-eh1>. b.1 f.1 p.2|

  xixiuhnacochtia , mo- (mo-xixiuhnacochtia).  he puts on turquoise ear
    plugs. <p54-dupl-xihuitl1-nacochtli-v04-caus08>. b.3 f.4 p.56|

  zoquinacochtli (zoquinacochtli).  pottery ear plug. <zoquitl-
    nacochtli>. b.10 f.11 p.178|

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> As part of an on-going bit of study on Texcoco, I would like to
> figure out the underlying meaning of Coanacoch, the last tlahtoani,
> first gobernador.
> Any suggestions?
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