The verb CEQUI in Karttunen's dictionary

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Some of you might have noticed that the verb form CEQU(I) "to toast 
something" in Karttunen's Analytical Dictionary doesn't have 
corresponding entries in Molina's and Siméon's dictionaries.

In fact, Molina and Siméon both have ICEQUI "to toast maize etc.", 
probably "i" being an epenthetic vowel preceding a saltillo (IHCEQUI). 
Andrews' Introduction (p. 70 in the rev. ed.) and Wimmer's Online 
Nahuatl dictionary correctly contain IHCEQUI.

Corresponding to this, you can find "teycequjaia" and "quiceqia" in the 
Florentine Codex (Book 3, Ch. 11, p. 31 in Anderson & Dibble ver.), both 
with the meaning "to toast (maize)". The "y" in "teycequjaia" can 
properly predicted by assuming the form IHCEQUI.

I'm not sure if it's Karttunen's error (I've yet to check her source, 
Brewer&Brewer's Tetelcingo Nahuatl dictionary), but I thought I'd post 
anyway in case someone gets in trouble while reading Nahuatl texts, for 
Karttunen's dictionary doesn't contain IHCEQUI.

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