2014 Maryland Nahuatl Workshop schedule

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From: James Maffie <maffiej at umd.edu>
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The Latin American Studies Center of the University of Maryland, College
Park, is happy to announce the third Nahua Studies Workshop, March 7-8,
2014. This interdisciplinary workshop explores current research on
pre-contact, colonial, and contemporary Nahua studies. The meeting will
take place in the multipurpose room of St. Mary's Hall on the UMD College
Park campus. Attendance is free and open to the public. No registration is
required. Campus maps are available on-line on the UMD website. Plenty of
public parking is available although not free-of-charge.

The workshop program is as follows:

Nahuatl Workshop #3
Recent Work in Nahua Studies
Multi-purpose Room, St. Mary's Hall
University of Maryland, College Park
Friday, March 7 - Saturday, March 8, 2014

Friday, March 7
3:00 pm     John Millhauser, "Salt, soda, and saltpeter: ephemeral goods,
ambiguous language, and the challenge of studying of Aztec commodity

3:30 pm     Janice Robertson, “On the Workings of the Codex Mendoza's
Place-Name Signs: Decolonizing Aztec Picture-Writing.”

4:00 pm     Jerome Offner, “Cognitive Landscapes in the Codex Xolotl: 
Reading an Authentic Nahua(tl)Text.”

4:30 pm     Comment, Ralph Bauer

Saturday, March 8
8:45 am     Breakfast

9:15 am     Pete Sigal, "Queering and Querying Nahuas: From Bernardino de
Sahagún to La Otra Conquista."

9:45 am     John F. Schwaller, “The Mexican Marathon: Running as a Feature
of Pre-Columbian Ritual.”

10:15 am    Comment, Juan Daneri

10:30 am    Break

10:45 am    Willard Gingerich, "Verse-Phrase Structure of Oral Poetics in
a few Nahuatl Texts."

11:15 am    Ann De Léon, "A reflection on the representation and enactment
of Aztec warfare in popular cultural artifacts."

11:45 am    Comment, Alan Sandstrom

12:30 pm    Lunch

All inquires should be direct to Jim Maffie at maffiej at umd.edu

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