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Sun Feb 16 19:30:01 UTC 2014

The deadline for proposals for papers and documents for study at the
Northeastern Nahuatl meetings in Yale is March 14.  The meetings will be
held May 9 & 10, 2014. This year we are looking into the possibility of
publishing selected papers initiating an on-going publication series.

Proposals may be for either scholarly papers or document translations.  As
with past meetings, the conference will include two activities. Papers may
be on any aspect of the Nahuatl language and linguistics, Nahuatl texts, or
Nahua ethnohistory, from pre-contact up to the modern era. Scholars
interested in offering a paper should contact the organizers for inclusion.

Persons working with Nahuatl documents are encouraged to share them at the
conference.  In the document sessions all participants work collectively on
the translation.  Please contact the organizers if you wish to present a
document for study, to make arrangements for its distribution prior to the

Please consider joining us in this exciting weekend, with a document for
study or simply by attending.

Proposals for papers or documents for group translation may be sent to
jfschwaller at or any of the organizers.

The organizers include:

Caterina Pizzigoni (cp2313 at

John Sullivan (idiez at

Louise Burkhart (burk at

John F. Schwaller (jschwaller at

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