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	I think you hit the nail on the head when you write "the language was only an instrument to achieve an aesthetic effect, but not meant to be a language of actual communication. Kind of like a meaningless soundscape, that the Spanish supertitles then inscribed meaning onto. So is this cultural translation or is it colonizing and erasing the Nahuatl text and the voice of the Nahuas who wrote it.” This is the standard purpose for the use of Nahuatl language and glyphs in Mexican culture today: aesthetic effect. 

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> Hi Listeros,
> Just wanted to share my review of Xochicuicatl Cuecuechtli billed as the
> first contmeporary Nahuatl opera. I was lucky enough to attend the premiere
> this saturday. Its libretto is based on one of the Cantares Mexicanos. The
> music was really good, but I was a little dismayed by how little the role
> of the language actually was in the performance. I would still recommend
> anyone interested in Nahuatl to see it if they have the chance.
> Here is a link to my review:
> http://nahuatlstudies.blogspot.mx/2014/09/xochicuicatl-cuecuechtli-first.html
> best wishes,
> Magnus
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