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Wed Sep 10 17:58:51 UTC 2014

	Iʻm interested in getting at the original meaning of pachtli. It is used in so many compounds: pachihui (for heavy tree limbs to droop down) and pachoa: (to press down on s.t.), -pachcho: (s.t.ʻs pulp); pachontic [pachtli, ohmitl, ti, c] (fluffy, spongy fur or hair). From Molina, for pachtli we have malhojo, which is vegatable refuse such as straw, husks, cane, etc., but he seems to refer to a kind of moss that hangs from the limbs of trees also. And pachtli, in Modern Huastecan Nahuatl is the old clothing you use to stuff into pillows. Se we have hanging (moss) and spongy (vegetable refuse). Any ideas?
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