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Thu Sep 11 15:20:58 UTC 2014

	It seems to me, following the general attitude of Richard Andrews, that we have a root, pachtli, which is a plant. And three characteristics of that plant, i.e., 1. it hangs, 2. it fills out (it is cushiony) , and 3. it is parasitic (it covers trees), are exploited through derivation to create three fields of meaning.
Some examples:
1. pachihui, “for a building to settle or for the branches of a tree to hang down. pachoa, “to roost, to bend over, etc.”
2. pachihui, “to be satisfied (noyollo), pachtic, “thick consistency”. -pachca, “consumed food that makes me feel stuffed or satisfied”. pachontic (pachtli, ohmitl, ti, c), “thick, curly, soft fur”.
3. pachtic, “to be covered with something (swarming flies, etc.)
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