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Regarding Pachtli

I dont think pachoa and pachihui etc. are derived from pachtli, but rather
the other way round. Pachoa and pachihui both has the basic meaning of
superposing something on something else. And deriving a noun from that
would fit both with moss which is superposed on rocks and trees and the
other meanings of the word. Furthermore I believe that pachoa and pachihui
belong to a group of verbs that describe movement and which originally were
formed through a movement/locational prefix and a verb stem chihui/chihua
or tsihui/tsihua. "pa" is then one of the old movement/location prefixes
that appears in verbs such as patzoa, pachihui, panoa, pachoa, -pan, ikpak,
and maybe patzka.

I give a fuller account of my reasoning on my blog here:

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